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Host:  Momma In Flip Flops

Giveaway:   New Sprouts Deluxe Market Set from Learning Resources

Deadline:  May 31

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Host:  Mom and More

Giveaway:  First Builders Safari Train by Mega Bloks

Deadline:  March 20

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Host:  Mom and More

Giveaway:  Learning Resources New Sprouts Picnic Set

Deadline: March 13

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Host:  Momma Findings

Giveaway:  Mega Bloks Steer-Me Steve Dump Truck

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Host:  A Mom’s Balancing Act

Giveaway:  Step2 Naturally Playful Woodland Climber (

Deadline:  April 13

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Host:  Two of a Kind Working on a Full House

Giveaway:  Step2 Splash & Scoop Bay (

Deadline:  April 9

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Host:  Mommy Living the Life of Riley

Giveaway:  Neat-Oh! ZipBin or Storage Play Set

Value: $24.99

Deadline:  December 20

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My Thoughts:  These playmats are so cute and functional.  One of my favorites is the Road & Rail Toybox which is a road and rail play mat for your kids to run their cars and trucks on, but it also folds up for easy storage.

Host: A Mom’s Balancing Act

Giveaway:  Big Adventures Construction Peak Rail & Road(

Value:  $49.99

Deadline:  November 21

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